Dark, dystopian short stories added every month for your reading pleasure. Only minutes to read, and packed with technological marvels and disturbing, stark futurescapes.


It had seemed like a good idea to view the city from the highest point, which was obviously Grey’s Insurance Tower in the banking quarter. It loomed over everything like the gravestone of a king. The further you are away, the more you can see, that was my inner reasoning I believe but it was … More

The Monster from the Woods

The storm was keeping Sam Morrison awake. He listened to the lid fly from the recycling bin and clatter across the side of the house. The wind was howling and gusting, a bully swinging for a connection. He retreated further under the duvet, his chin and nose covered. The rain was lashing against the windowpane … More

The Elevator Trials

Norman Grant didn’t believe in predetermined fate or praying to God but he was contemplating both of these ideas as he entered the courtroom at the Justice Tower. He had blood on his hands, literally. He looked down at them, red-stained and shaking, trapped in police handcuffs. They were his reminder that he was there … More

The Farm 

It was disturbing to take in the endless, neat rows of empty white seats in the preparation space. There had never been a panic, which made it worse somehow. The O2 dome had been an obvious choice to host such a large gathering of curious people. Some 20,000 had turned up on the day, and … More

Shame Fame

I awoke sharply from a feverish dream, where I was standing with statuesque stillness and completely naked at a conference of dignitaries, each of them sour-faced and looking with disdain at my white, imperfect body. For most of the night, I had been staring at the ceiling with fitful breathes of panic but only in … More

Future Orientation

“You can not travel back in time. It’s impossible and why would you want to? But time travel is possible, time travel into the future. You just have to switch out the lights and go to sleep, you just have to wait, and then the future is there for you and you can see it … More


A home is a place you should feel safe. A place to keep the dangers out. The spectres were dissolving Tom Deringer’s sense of home by the minute. Their click-clacking metal feet probed for open windows, cat flaps and chimney pots, any easy access to inside and fresh victims. They were everywhere outside, crawling on … More

Beneath the Canyons

“The difference,” said Detective Shawn Trenton, “between successful people and unsuccessful people is in your definition of success.” The argument had matured to this point. When someone is shamed as a loser, defence is necessary as a default. Trenton had lost his apartment from unpaid rent. He had the money, he simply had forgotten to … More

Strained Servers

“A day is like a pool of water. It looks permanent, it looks still, like it’s always there, but it is invisibly evaporating, it will end and it will be lost forever in a few blinks of an eye. No one will be left eventually, to remember a single day.” For an AI character, I … More

The Day Editors

The perfect world. That is where I lived. Nothing bad ever happened. The news was only good news. The government was perfect. It was all perfect. That’s why it was such an awkward moment seeing a runner. They would often be screaming, but not this one. He looked strong, confident he would escape. He barged … More


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