If you like these dystopian short stories but reading them from a website is not your thing, there are two books available in eBook and paperback format, called 22 Days of Dystopia and Time in the Dark. Alternatively, read the sci-fi novel by the same author called Escape from Underworld, available to buy now.

The eBook and print paperback book of 22 Days of Dystopia is out now on Amazon and Kindle!

Twenty two short stories were selected for an entertaining read. This whole project was started in the first lockdown in the UK, when the author was recovering from Covid-19. Not hard to imagine what inspired it! Stories of AI, climate impact, pandemics, perilous space travel, overpopulation and a world short of resources and biodiversity. Fantastic tales were written around real fears for our near and far future. Read it now: Available to buy on Amazon.

Time in the Dark, a collection of gripping dsytopian stories.

These dark, twisted tales are the latest stories selected and taken from

A world too hot, reliant on technology, short of resources, short of love, a place driven by the politics of control, desperation and survival. Read about AI’s in love, a world with no food, 3D printed monsters. These tales are the tomorrows’ we know we are seeding, the reflections of who we are under pressure, at our best and at our worst. The future is terrifying.

Read it now. Available to buy on Amazon.

Escape from Underworld: a science fiction novel.

For troubled courier pilot Fabian Lite, paying off a simple debt turns into a nightmare when he falls foul to a ruthless mafia known as the Klan. Lured to Jupiter’s oceanic moon, Europa, Fabian is trapped in the submerged base of Underworld and forced to help the Klan harvest a powerful drug. In the gloomy depths of the most fearful place in the solar system, Fabian finds himself up against criminal warlords, Earth’s special forces and a creature that cannot be killed. Unwittingly, he is the only one that can save Mankind from its most disturbing threat in history, the only one that understands Europa’s deadly secrets. Print novel and eBook available on Amazon.


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